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Depth Perception Test

This simple online test will help you determine whether you have fully functional depth perception (AKA stereoscopic vision, binocular vision, 3-D vision).

IMPORTANT: This test is not a substitute for a professional examination. If you have any doubts about your depth perception please consult an optometrist.

Step 1
Step 1: Focus on the circle

To perform this test you will use your finger (or thumb) and the green circle below. The pictures on the left show what it should look like.

To begin, hold your finger in front of the circle, between your eyes and the screen. Focus your eyes on the circle. You should see the circle clearly in the middle between two images of your finger. The finger(s) will appear semi-transparent and slightly blurry.

Note: Some people find this very easy to do, others have to work at it.

Step 2
Step 2: Focus on your finger

Next, focus on your finger. The two previous images should merge together into one finger, while the circle splits into two.

Try shifting your focus between the circle and the finger a few times and note how easy or difficult it is.

Look at this circle

Optional Extra Test

Left eye closed

Hold your finger in front of the circle as per the first test. Focus on the circle and close your left eye. You should see one finger to the left of the circle.

Right eye closed.

Switch eyes (open your left eye and close your right eye). Your finger should appear to jump to the other side of the circle.


If you can you see both finger images, you have binocular/stereo vision and both eyes are "switched on", i.e. working together at the same time.

If you experience any of the following, you may have a depth perception problem:

These symptoms are often caused by one eye being dominant, in which case you may be able to train your other eye to pick up its share of the workload. See your optometrist for more information.


Remember, if you have any concerns please consult an optometrist.

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