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Create a Custom Fill Pattern in Photoshop

This tutorial shows you how to create a custom fill pattern. Follow the steps below, or download the video tutorial for a detailed demonstration (see link on right).

  1. Create a new file (File > New).
  2. Set the width and height to the same dimensions as your desired pattern.
  3. Create your desired pattern.
  4. Select Edit > Define Pattern.
  5. Enter a name for the pattern, then click OK.
  6. Close the file.
  7. To test the new pattern, create a new file.
  8. Select Edit > Fill.
  9. Click the Use drop-menu.
  10. Select Pattern.
  11. Click the Custom Pattern drop-menu.
  12. Your new pattern should be visible in the collection of patterns. Click to select it, then click OK.
  13. The image is filled with your pattern. Done!

Note: To delete unwanted patterns, right-click the pattern in the Custom Fill box, then select Delete.