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Premiere Pro Workspace: Overview

The screenshot below shows the default workspace. This workspace can be customized in many ways — you can rearrange the panels and use specialist panels for different tasks (audio mixing, titles, etc). For now we will stick to the default workspace.

Adobe Premiere Default Workspace Layout

The default panels

  1. The Tools Panel is where you can select various editing tools to use in the timeline.
  2. The Project Panel is where you store all the elements which make up your edited video (video clips, audio clips, graphics, titles, etc).
  3. The Source Monitor is where you can preview clips, make simple adjustments and add them to the timeline.
  4. The Program Monitor shows the edited video from the timeline.
  5. The Media Browser allows you to browse, preview and import clips from your hard drives and network.
  6. The Timeline Panel is where you arrange the elements of your video in the desired order.
  7. The Audio Meters display the volume level from the timeline.

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