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Unbalanced Audio Cables

Traditional unbalanced cables use two lines to transmit the audio signal - a hot line which carries the signal and an earth line. This is all that is required to transmit audio and is common in short cables (where noise is less of a problem) and less professional applications.

Unbalanced Sound Cable

Note: Internal componentry (in sound mixers etc) is also unbalanced.

Unbalanced Audio Connectors

Unbalanced audio cables are commonly associated with the 1/4" TS and the RCA connectors. However any single-pin connector used for audio is unbalanced. 3-pin XLRs can also be used for unbalanced cables. For more information about these connectors, including how to wire them, see Audio Connections.

Phone Jack
1/4" TS (tip-sleeve) connector (AKA phone jack, phone plug, jack plug, etc.)
RCA Connector
RCA connector (AKA phono connector or cinch connector)

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