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Audio Sequencing Workshop for Beginners

By Benjamin Kapidzic

Welcome to the sequencing workshop for beginners. If you want to learn more about creating and mixing your own sound you should go on reading.

This workshop could be useful if you want to record your own band's songs or if you're just interested in spectacular sound-matter. In this workshop you will learn the basics about recording, editing, mixing and mastering digitally with your PC/Mac. Every step will be described more precisely in different advanced workshops here soon.

Back in the days, studios used tape recorders (which are still used in high-class studios) or hard-disc recorders to record, mix and edit. Nowadays, PC and Mac + software provide better financial and functional options – the so-called "sequencer".

A sequencer is a virtual multitracker where you can record, edit and mix your material. The most used sequencers are:

Other applications include: SonicFoundry Acid, Steinberg Nuendo, Reason, Cakewalk Sonar and others. Another useful program is Steinberg Wavelab, which is actually not really a sequencer but a really useful editing and mastering tool. There are several professional mastering programs which will be described in the next workshops.

I will use Cubase to lead through this training but you can also find similar functions in Logic, Pro Tools, Acid, etc.

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