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Download High Definition Video Clips

The video clips on this page are available for free download. You may use them for personal or commercial use.

Note: Keep an eye on our new free stock video section.

IMPORTANT: These are BIG FILES so they will take a while to download. They also cost us money to provide so please consider making a small donation. Thanks.

1280x720p, 29.97fps

Shuttle Flip Space Shuttle Backflip
MPEG2 (10MB)
H.264 (8MB)
Zero G Astronauts in Zero Gravity
MPEG2 (80MB)
H.264 (25MB)

1920x1080i, 29.97fps

Shuttle Launch Video

Space Shuttle STS117 Launch
WMV   (80MB)
MPEG2   (68MB)
H.264   (133MB)