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The Video Editor

Video editing is a core role in film and television production. Virtually every program requires editing of some sort, even most "live" shows.

There are many different types and levels of editing. At the most basic level, an editor may be required to:

These basic tasks are often performed by a junior editor or archivist.

When most people think of editing, they think of a person sitting at a workstation arranging shots into the correct order to tell a story. Although this describes the basic editing function, it is a simplistic view somewhat like describing a musician as a person who places musical notes in the correct order. Good editing requires flair as well as technical competence.

In practice the editor's job description depends on the situation, the editor's skills and other factors. Here are some common scenarios:

As much as the directing and cinematography, the edit has a major effect on the final product. Serious editing is not just about assembling footage. It is about designing a complete package, setting the mood, pace and flow of the story.

Required Skills & Qualifications


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