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The Television Producer

A television producer is basically the boss of a television program. The producer can be in charge of everything from the program's inception to post-production. Producers have a wide range of responsibility which includes scheduling, budget, talent management and creative control.

There are a number of different types of producer — you will often see two or more in a program's credits. Common types of producer include:

Executive Producer The boss of all the other producers. The executive producer usually has final say on all aspects of the production.
In some cases however, the executive producer is not much more than a figurehead or honorary title. For example, a producer who starts a successful long-running show might retire from any working role but stay on "at the top" in name only.
Associate Producer Takes on production tasks and responsibilities as designated by the producer. The associate producer often runs day-to-day operations, leaving the producer to concentrate on the bigger picture.
Co-producer Works with one or more other producers as a team on the same project.
Coordinating Producer Coordinates the efforts of two or more other producers, either on the same or separate projects.
Supervising Producer Supervises other producers, often under the direction of an executive producer.
Segment Producer Responsible for one segment of a larger program. For example, a lifestyle program might have a regular travel segment managed by a segment producer.
Line Producer Runs the more practical aspects of the production such as logistics and personnel, as opposes to the creative content.