The Television Sound Operator

The position of television sound engineer or sound operator can cover a number of different specific roles, including:

Whatever the position, the operator is expected to at least a fundamental understanding of basic audio theory. Certain positions may require more advanced skills.

Sound Engineer

Console (Mixing Desk) Operators

In this position the operator controls multiple sources of audio via a mixing desk. Audio sources can include:

The sources are each assigned a channel on the desk and mixed into a main program feed to go with the vision. Additional mixes may also be provided for separate recordings, communication channels, etc.

Field Soundie

Field Operators

Field sound operators accompany the camera operator on location. The sound operator captures and records audio using external mics, mixer and recorder, or the camera mic and recorder, or a combination of both.

A typical audio field kit might include a small portable mixer, headphones, recorder, shotgun mic, hand-held vocal mics and lapel mics.

The sound operator's responsibilities can include: