The Television Technical Director (TD)

The definition of technical director (TD) varies between production houses. In general, there are two different types of TD, although both roles are often combined.

(1) Operating vision control and/or switching equipment

This is an operational role in which the TD is part of the production crew. The TD takes the position of vision switcher or CCU controller.

In addition, the TD monitors the technical aspects of all video sources — gain levels, chroma phase, synch timing, etc. It is the TD's job to ensure all vision sources are maintained at "broadcast quality" (however this is defined by the production house).

(2) Technical/engineering management and support

In this situation the TD oversees the technical aspects of a production. Duties can include:

Required Skills

The TD must be competent in vision switching and CCU control, and be familiar with camera operations and functions.

Engineering positions usually require formal training in electronics.