Hitachi RC-Z1 Camera Control Panel


Applicable camera Z-One, FP-C10 and HV-C10 series (some controls available only to Z-One series)
Serial data output 1.5 V p-p
Baud rate 62.5 kbps
Max cable length 200m (HC-5B2)
Power supply 9 to 15 V DC
Power consumption 0.8 W approx. (12 V supply)
Ambient temperature 5 to 40�C
Dimensions 105(W) x 177(H) x 60(D) mm (excluding protusions)
Mass 0.9 kg approx.

Controlled Items

Master black level
Iris controlIris mode (AUTO, REMOTE, MANUAL)
High gain (0 to +24 dB in 3 dB steps)
White balance (PRESET, MEMORY 1, MEMORY 2/AUTO)
R gain (with ON/OFF switch)
B gain (with ON/OFF switch)
R black (with ON/OFF switch)
B black (with ON/OFF switch)
H phase
SC phaseSC fine
Auto black
Auto white
Scene file (PRESET and 4 SCENE FILES)
Check ON/OFF
Control (OFF, LOCK, ON)
Function. UP/DOWN

NOTE: Design and specification are subject to change without notice.