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Hitachi VM-8500LA VHS Camcorder

Operating manual


Hitachi VM8500LA

Product Description From Hitachi:

Though full-size VHS camcorders are becoming less and less common, some people still prefer them to newer, smaller models. Despite their larger size, standard VHS camcorders offer two advantages over VHS-C and 8mm cameras. First, the tapes can immediately be played through a VCR, rather than using an adapter or requiring the camera to be connected to the TV. Second, the shoulder-mounted shooting style necessitated by the camera's size makes it much easier to shoot smooth, steady videos.
The VM8500LA features a 16x optical zoom, as well as a 240x digital zoom. The camcorder can also shoot in as little illumination as 0.3 lux, and if it's too dark for good footage, there's a built-in auto light. Five digital fades and five digital effects give you the opportunity to add a touch of professionalism to your footage. Digital image stabilization helps to keep the shakes out of your videos. To compose and review shots, users have two options: a black-and-white optical viewfinder and a 3-inch swivel-mounted color LCD. A built-in playback speaker lets you hear mono audio from the footage you've just shot. A manual character titler also lets you label the footage you're shooting.

To make sure your shooting experience is as easy as possible, the VM8500LA automatically sets shutter speed, iris, white balance, focus, and backlight compensation. It will even automatically select macro mode when appropriate. The VM8500LA comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter/charger.


Video format: VHS
Audio: Mono
Maximum CCD resolution: 270,000 pixels
CCD size: 0.25 inch
Eyepiece viewfinder: Yes
LCD screen size: 3 inches
LCD swivel: Yes
Aperture: f/1.4
Filter diameter: 46mm
Optical zoom: 16x
Digital zoom: 72x
Auto light: Yes
Hot shoe for external light: No
Image stabilization: Yes
Infrared capability: No
Remote included: No
Digital camera capability: No
Included still memory: N/A
Preset titles: No
Custom titling: Yes
Fade options: 5 digital fades
Special effects: 5 digital effects
Motion sensor:
Audio sensor: No
IEEE 1394 output: No
Connections: Audio-video input and output
S-Video output: No
Battery type: 0.85 Ah lead-acid battery
Included in box: Camcorder, battery, AC adapter/charger