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Sennheiser Equipment

Evolution Series: The evolution series is a complete range of microphones covering vocal, instrument and backline.
Lavalier Microphones: A range of Sennheiser's lavalier microphones for theater, television,and film applications.
Reporter's Microphones: Industry-standard microphones for broadcast production.
Installed Microphones: Three condenser microphone heads which can be combined with various goosenecks, ceiling and table mounts.
Classic Microphones: Sennheiser's line of classic dynamic microphones, including the re-engineered MD 421, and the introduction of the MD 425.
K6 Series Microphones: The K6 Modular System is a condenser microphone system, comprised of modules for different powering arrangements, polar patterns, and capsule sizes.
Special Condenser Microphones: Condenser Mics like the MKE 44-P and MKE 300-Video for special applications.
MKH Condenser Microphones: The MKH Series microphones incorporate Sennheiser technology into condenser microphones of high quality.
Evoultion Series Headphones: Specialty headphones designed for musicians and sound engineers.
DJ and Studio Headphones: Headphones designed for professional and semi-professional DJs.
Wireless Headphones: Professional wireless headphones.
Wireless Systems
3000 Series Robust design ideal for touring and broadcast applications.
5000 Series Wireless system with modular receiver design and option computer control.
Evolution G2 100 Series Complete wireless systems.
Evolution G2 300 Series Complete wireless systems.
Evolution G2 500 Series Complete wireless systems.