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Colour Picker

Use the (Flash) colour picker below to convert to RGB or hexadecimal format. Click and drag the circle, adjust the sliders and select colour ranges from the boxes. See below for more information.

Both of these formats are commonly used in graphics and web design applications.

Hexadecimal format is displayed as 6 numbers preceded by a hash, like so: #36D3FF.

This format is used extensively in website construction (see Introduction to Website Design). It's the standard way to define colours in HTML. For example:

<font color="#5783FF">

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue (the three additive primary colors). This format has three values, representing the amount of R, G and B on a scale of 0 to 255. For example:

0,0,0 = Black
255,0,0 = Red
0,255,0 = Green
0,0,255 = Blue
255,171,34 = Orange
255,255,255 = White

RGB format is common in graphic applications.