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Our public forum is a place to ask and answer questions in the following fields (any level of experience, newbie to guru):

VideoVideo Production StreamingVideo Streaming
AudioAudio Production PhotographyPhotography
GraphicGraphic Design WebWeb Design & Development
CommentaryMedia Commentary ManualsUser Manuals
Media PlayerMC Media Player LobbyLobby (Off-topic chat)


Registration is required, including confirmation of a valid email address. You can register here or by clicking the "Register" link in any forum.

Forum Activity

As of November 2007 we have just over 4000 registered users. It's not the busiest forum on the net (yet) but there is daily activity and it's mostly good quality. We get a lot of compliments.

Currently, most forum users are asking for help and advice. Whilst we do manage to answer 90% of all posts (eventually), we really need more people who are able to answer questions. If this sounds like you, then we hope to make it worth your while.

What's in it for You

If you're in business or wanting to promote yourself, you can have a signature which gets automatically added to your messages. If you have a website you can include a hyperlink (with genuine value).

Of course you also get to feel good by helping people and being smothered in gratuitous praise.


The rules are mostly common sense but we are relatively strict. Only friendly, rated-for-all-age posts will be accepted.

Dave and Richard Owen Dave Owen

Forum Staff

The forums are run by Dave and Richard Owen.

We try our best to make sure all questions are answered but we don't have all the answers. We encourage any knowledgeable people to join in and help out.

It's a difficult juggling act for us splitting time between participating in the forums and working on the rest of the site. Sometimes we neglect the forum for a while if we're busy with something else, but we're seldom more than a few days away.

We'd like to give you a warm welcome to our forums and trust that you'll enjoy your participation.

Remember, If you'd like to help keep the MediaCollege.com community alive and well, you may be able to help us.

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