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Getting publicity for your product/service on MediaCollege.com

In some cases we can offer publicity for your product or service via these channels:

Most requests for publicity are turned down! This is because most requests fail to meet our criteria. If you'd like us to give you a good plug, please read the following first:

  1. Your product or service must be high quality and of genuine interest to our target market.
  2. You must provide us something in return. Typically this is either a cash payment or some free products or services that we can give away as prizes. See some examples below.
  3. Ideally, your product or service should have some unique "point of difference". It's pretty hard to make an interesting blog post about yet another email video service — our readers are looking for something with news value rather than posts that just look like advertising.
  4. If you're asking for a review, you need to understand that it will be an objective one. We do not give biased reviews in return for payment—sorry but positive reviews must be earned honestly.
Your Name:
Your Email:
Describe the product or service you'd like us to publicize:
Describe exactly what you are offering in return (cash, prizes, etc):

Examples of payment for publicity

If you'd prefer to pay cash, a typical blog post would be worth around $200 USD.

If you'd prefer to pay in "swag", you should offer something worth at least $100-$200 USD (this can be multiple units of something cheaper). We generally prefer things that can be used as prizes for our users, e.g. free subscriptions, free software, etc. If it's something you need to post to us, remember that we live in New Zealand so you'll need to take the extra postage into account.