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MediaCollege.com FAQ: Business Offers

At MediaCollege.com we receive a number of messages each week saying something like:

Unfortunately most of these messages turn out to be time-wasters, so we must now insist that you email us with the information detailed below before we engage in any sort of communication. Please don't be offended by this — if you could see the number of flakes we deal with you would understand why we need to weed them out.

Of course many of you won't want to divulge commercially sensitive information, in which case you may not want to continue. Fair enough.

Please tell us:

  1. Your full name, contact details and position in the company you represent. Describe the company and give us the website URL. If you are a sole trader, tell us. If your business is a type of network marketing, say so.
  2. The exact nature of your suggestion or idea. We need details, not vague descriptions like "I think our sites would compliment each other" or "I've invented a new widget".
  3. Exactly what you expect us to do, how much time and money would be involved, how the profits or other benefits are distributed, etc.

Remember, the more details you offer, the more likely we will be to consider replying.

Things we aren't interested in

To save you time, here are some business ideas we will respectfully decline...

Also, we are not available for private contracts, tuition or consultation.


If you still think you've got something to offer, let us know.