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How to Submit Videos to MediaCollege.com

If you need to send video material to us, here's what to do...

  1. Use the feedback form to contact us. Tell us that you would like to submit video material and explain clearly what the video is for (e.g. Wedding video example, Photoshop tutorial, etc). Tell us how you would like to send the material (see options below).
  2. We will reply with the appropriate instructions (e.g. email address or FTP details).

Note: Please only submit material which we have said we want. This is not a general video uploading service! These instructions are for specific material related to this website.

Please try to send all videos in one of these formats: DV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, H.264, FLV

Options for Sending Video Files

FTP (recommended)

If you are able to upload files via FTP, this is the best option by far. It's actually quite easy — you can even FTP with Internet Explorer if you don't have an FTP client. For more information see How to FTP.

In order to use this option you will need a login name and password. Contact us for these.


You can email small files, but please do not email anything over 6MB. You can break your video into smaller files and send them as separate emails if you like.

Post a Hard Copy (e.g. DVD)

Feel free to send material on disk or tape. If possible, send the files as DV, MOV, MPEG or AVI rather than DVD files.

We are located in New Zealand — our address is:

PO Box 128,
Te Awamutu 3840