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Duplicating Material From This Website

We often get asked by webmasters if they can duplicate our tutorials and other material on their own websites. Unfortunately the answer is "No" and this page explains why.

Duplicating content is against our philosophy of how the Internet should work. There is no reason to duplicate content—that's what hyperlinks are for. If we find something at another website that we think will interest our visitors, we add a link to it. If you think our content is worth viewing and relevant to your visitors, feel free to do the same and create a hyperlink to it.

Duplication dilutes the value of the original content. It affects search engine rankings and it takes income away from content creators.

Duplication reduces the usefulness of search engine results. We've all done searches in which the top 10 results are largely the same thing over and over. We believe it's time to put a stop to this.

Duplicating content is not a good way to build a website. If you really want a high-quality site that attracts search engines and a large audience, create your own original content. By all means link to other good websites (this may actually help you by making your site part of a "good neighborhood"), but don't use other people's content to pad your own site.

If we gave permission to everyone who wanted to duplicate our material, there would be literally thousands of versions of our tutorials all over the net. This would be ridiculous. We hope you understand and respect our position.

In cases where we discover copyrighted material has been stolen or duplicated we have no hesitation in taking legal action. MediaCollege.com is our livelihood and we will defend it vigorously. Sorry to sound so aggressive but this is important to us and we mean business.


This policy also applies to translating material, for largely the same reasons as outlined above.