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HTML Tutorial

This tutorial provides an overview of the HTML language and shows you how to use simple methods to take control of your web pages. The tutorial is designed for people with a basic understanding of how websites work (if this isn't you, take some of our beginner internet tutorials).

If you're not sure why you should make the effort, see why learn HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML is a computer language. It is the foundation of the World Wide Web and forms the basis of most web pages.

It's important to note that HTML is not a programming language. Technically it is known as a "markup" language, hence the name HyperText Markup Language. The reason this is significant is that programming languages are quite complex and require a great deal of effort to master, wheras HTML is not. HTML is a very simple language and is quite easy to learn. In addition, you can learn small parts of the language and still get a lot of benefit. You don't need to know the whole language at all, although obviously the more you know the better.

Although new languages and technologies will probably supercede HTML eventually, it is still very important to learn HTML. It will continue to be a critical component of the web for a very long time.

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