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CreativeFilm.org "CreativeFilm.org is an independent filmmakers resource that brings you the latest news and information about the world of film as well as up-to-date techniques and tutorials."
DV for Teachers Free Digital Video resources for teachers using Curriculum modules to teach Video
HarveyLeach Media Training "HarveyLeach are the UK's Premier Media Training Provider with media training courses based on real interviews, conducted by real journalists."
Intern Services International "Intern Services International supplies you with a Hollywood Internship, Housing, and contact
with Industry Professionals.  You supply the dream and desire to discover Hollywood, while
receiving credit toward your graduation."
It's My Passion "It's My Passion is an artistic social network for artists and art enthusiasts encompassing the industries of film, fashion, music, visual arts, writing, and stage and screen."
RFID4u "RFID provides RFID training and RFID Certification to help companies align technology with business objectives. We have RFID Conference and RFID learning to offer you the best tips on making intelligent business decisions."
scriptwritercentral.com "Cutting Edge Screenplay Analysis by Top Hollywood Pros — and the Only Place to Learn How to Make Up to 6-Figures as a Script Consultant!"
The Video Advisor "The Helpful Resource for independent film making and video production"
TutorialHero.com Collection of links to various Adobe Premiere tutorials
Video-Tutes.com Video-tutes offers a range of free video tutorials for popular multimedia productivity software titles.
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