10 Gift ideas for Photographers

Any keen photographer will really appreciate a Christmas gift they can use to take better pictures. Photographers are passionate about their hobby, and love to pick up new equipment and resources for their craft. Gifts for photographers don’t have to cost a fortune, and the following gift ideas start from under ten dollars.

1) A lens cleaning kit.

Caring for lenses is really important to get the best from them. Finger marks and dust can spoil a great photograph, and a using lens cleaning kit is a quick solution to this problem. A lens cleaning kit usually includes a soft cloth, lens cleaning fluid and a device for blowing and wiping away dust.

2) A flexible camera grip.

These amazing devices are a safe and secure way to fix a camera to posts, railings, furniture and other bases. They are easy to carry, and give the photographer an alternative to carrying a tripod. Flexible camera grips are great for night photography, and any situation where a camera needs to be fixed to prevent camera shake.

3) A photography magazine subscription.

Photographers love to see other people’s pictures, and to read about and learn new techniques. A subscription to a good photography magazine will give someone a constant source of new inspiration. Photography magazines are available for a range of levels of ability from beginner to expert.

4) Photographic filters.

Photo-editing software is a great way to add effects to pictures, but many photographers still prefer to do this using photographic filters. Filters can be used to add color to skies, to enrich color saturation and add soft-focus effects.

5) A camera strap.

Straps are a secure way to carry a camera, and ensure the photographer always has it to hand. Modern designs offer comfort, speed, and durability along with graceful styling. Camera straps can be branded to the photographer’s preferred manufacturer.

6) A digital picture frame.

Photographers love to look at their pictures, but they are often stored away on memory cards and forgotten about. A digital picture frame is a fantastic gift for a photographer, and allows him to create a slideshow if his best shots and have it on display. Digital picture frames come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

7) A transparent camera bag.

Rain is the enemy of most photographers, and moisture can cause serious damage to modern cameras. A transparent camera bag covers the camera and offers full waterproof protection. A lens-shaped aperture in the bag means you can take pictures with the camera safely inside.

8) A reflector.

Reflectors are portable and light to carry, and are great for improving lighting for portrait photographs. Reflectors can be used to bounce light into shadow areas, and produce more flattering pictures. White, silver and gold reflectors are available, and they are highly versatile tools for photographers.

9) Rechargeable batteries.

Digital cameras and flashguns use batteries very quickly, and photographers are constantly spending money on them. Before buying batteries as a gift for a photographer, check the type and size they need for their equipment. This is a gift which all photographers will really appreciate.

10) A photography book.

Photography books are a great way to look at other photographer’s work and to learn new styles and techniques. Some books are a complete course in photography, teaching everything from the basics of camera techniques upwards. Other books detail specific subjects such as landscape or portrait photography.