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Replay Screencast

Replay Screencast screenshot

Replay Screencast is a utility for capturing your computer's screen activity. Whatever happens on your screen you can capture (pretty much).

This is a great application for making software demos, tutorials, etc. You can also use it to capture video streams although screen capture applications aren't the best for this purpose (try something like WM Recorder instead).

Replay Screencast works well, is easy and unobtrusive, and relatively cheap.

Video Capture

You can capture the whole screen, a particular window, or any arbitrary region you define with the drawing tool.

You can also specify the frame rate, bit rate and smoothness.

Audio Capture

The Audio Recording Line allows you to choose the audio source (or no audio at all). This means you can use a microphone and talk along with what's happening on screen, or just record the audio from whatever it is you're doing. The options are:


You can purchase Replay Screencast from applian.com/replay-screencast. A free trial version is available.