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Video Camera Viewfinder

This page deals with black and white electronic viewfinders (EVFs), although colour viewfinders work in basically the same way.

This viewfinder has a number of adjustment options.

Different cameras have various options for adjusting the EVF. Consumer camcorders are usually limited to making focus/sharpness adjustments, whereas professional cameras have numerous options. Work through the following procedures, ignoring the functions which aren't available on your camera.

Some notes on electronic viewfinders:

To set the brightness and contrast:

  1. Switch the camera to colour bars.
  2. Adjust the viewfinder brightness and contrast until you see a smooth greyscale from peak white to black. You should be able to see a dividing line between each bar.
  3. Switch the camera to picture.
  4. Check your exposure on a reliable monitor, either by connecting a cable from the camera output or by doing a test record.

To set the focus/sharpness (diopter adjustment):

The "diopter" is the EVF's eyepiece lens. Adjust this to make the viewfinder image as sharp as possible. This adjustment is usually made either with a ring on the EVF or a sliding button.

  1. Choose a subject with plenty of contrast - this makes focus easier.
  2. Zoom out wide and focus the camera lens normally.
  3. Adjust the diopter until you see the clearest image. If necessary, secure the diopter.

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