Video Editing Terminology

This page provides a few simple video terms to get you started. For more editing terminology, see our glossary or search this site.

Capture Device: A hardware or firmware device used to convert analogue video into digital video.

Compressors & Codecs: Software or firmware used to compress and decompress digital video. Compression makes the file size smaller.

Editing: The process of rearranging, adding and/or removing sections of video clips. Also, creating transitions between clips. Editing is part of post-production.

Encoding: The process of converting digital video into a particular format, for example, saving a video project in MGEG-2 format for DVD distribution.

Layering: Adding multiple layers of superimposed video.

Linear Editing: Also known as tape to tape editing. A method of editing in which footage is copied from one tape to another in the required order (more info).

Non Linear Editing: An editing method which uses computer software to edit the footage (more info).

Transition: The way one shot changes to the next (more info).

Post Production: Everything that happens to the video and audio after production, i.e. after the footage has been shot. Post production includes video editing, audio editing, titling, colour correction, effects, etc.

The End

That's the end of this introductory tutorial — see our other editing tutorials for more information. Remember, you can ask questions at any time in our video forum.