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The DVCAM Format

Sony DVCAM tape

DVCAM is a variation of the DV format developed by Sony and aimed at the semi-professional and lower-end professional market.

DVCAM uses the same type of tape and compression as DV and MiniDV but at a higher speed (almost 50% faster).

DVCAM VCRs can play back DV content, and some VCRs can also play DVCPRO.

DVCAM also provides an HD mode.

Specifications at a Glance

Tape: ME (Metal Evaporate)
Track Pitch 15 micrometres
Track Width: 15 micrometres (10 micrometres on some early gear)
Tape Speed: 28.215 mm/sec
Record Time: Standard: 184 mins, MiniDV: 40 mins.
Compression: Intra-frame, 5:1 DVC-format DCT, 25 Mbps video data rate
Resolution & Sampling: 720x576, 4:2:0 (PAL), 720x480, 4:1:1 (NTSC)
Audio: 2 ch @ 48 kHz, 16 bits;  4 ch @ 32 kHz, 12 bits
Will accept 2 ch @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bits via 1394 I/O; locked.