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Titles in Home Video

Christmas 2004

Most home video enthusiasts understand the value of titles. Even simple titles can add a lot to a video.

At the most basic level, each segment of your video will probably benefit from an opening title indicating the location and date. These titles can be placed over an establishing shot so the scene is well set.

However, with a little effort, titles can be much more. Good titles can be used in many places throughout the video, adding a touch of professionalism as well as very valuable information.

Imagine all the people who will be watching the video, and when they will be watching it. If the video will be seen by people outside the immediate family, they might not know some of the people in the video. Also, if you want your video to last generations, your great-grandchildren's families might know nothing about the people and places you're shooting.

Oral History TitleThis is where carefully-placed name titles (keys) can be added. The example on the right is the title for an oral history video. The subject is the mother of the interviewer and the target audience is the family, so specific details don't matter. Simple name keys with a rough date are all that is required to provide a reference for the audience

People, families and relationships all change over time. Make sure your titles include enough information for all potential audiences.

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