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A professional-level machine-to-machine edit station. This picture shows a simple professional edit station. It's a machine-to-machine system, meaning that footage is played from one machine and recorded (edited) on the other. This system has two Panasonic DVCPro machines, and is used for live broadcast television.

The top machine (AJ-D640) is the source deck, the bottom machine (AJ-D650) is the edit deck. The left monitor is the source, the right monitor is the edit.

The two machines are controlled by an edit controller. This is the unit shown at the left end the bench and illustrated below.

The source deck can also be passed through a graphics PC to overlay graphics onto the edit.

Sony edit controller

Sony Edit Controller

This unit controls most of the editing functions of the two VT machines.

Controls for the source (top) machine are on the left, controls for the record (bottom) machine are on the right.

The middle controls are for selecting edit options, mark-in and mark-out points, etc.

Note that this particular station uses different brands for the VT machines and their controller. Although this works, it's not ideal.

Notice the row of controls just below the monitors. These are "timing" controls which allow the VT machines to be integrated into the rest of the broadcast system.