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How to Look After Cables

Cables (AKA leads, cords) and connectors are often the most neglected components of audio-visual systems. However, any system is only as good as the weakest connection or most damaged cable.
We have devoted a page to cable care for two simple reasons:

  1. It is so vitally important.
  2. It is so badly misunderstood, yet so incredibly easy.

Save yourself grief and money by obeying a few simple rules...

This is a cheap way to make a cable drum.

Very long cables can be rolled onto a specially-designed cable drum. This makes winding much easier, and protects the cable from kinking etc.

This cable drum was made by adding some reinforcement to a standard garden hose drum. One end protrudes from the drum's axis, so that the entire cable doesn't have to be unwound to use it.