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School Productions: Editing

Although it is quite possible to shoot a school production without any editing at all, it will make a difference if you can edit the footage. At the very least, in most cases you will want to eliminate unwanted gaps in the show (e.g. scene changes, intermission, etc).

For multi-camera shoots you need to think about how to cut them together. Simple cuts are usually best — avoid the temptation to use flashy transitions.

Credits are one of the best things you can add to the video. Children (and their families) love seeing their names scroll past. Take the time to type every single child's name for the credits (remember who most of your audience is). Look through the program and see who else you should include, e.g. director, stage hands, sponsors, etc.

If you are making a DVD and you have the ability to add menus, make the most of them. Include buttons which take the viewer directly to each scene. You might also like to include some "special features" such as:

For more information about editing see our video editing tutorials.

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