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Video Shot Log

A video shot log is a written record of the shots on a tape or disk. The shot log can be made either as the shoot progresses or after the shoot finishes. If possible, it really helps to do the shot log during the shoot — it will be easier and save you time later.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the format of the shot log. Basically, whatever works for you is fine. If you are working in a larger team environment you will probably have a standardised format so everyone uses the same system and gets the required information.

Below is one example of how a shot log can be formatted. See the links below to download a blank printable version.

Shot Log

Download a blank printable version of this shot log in any of the following formats:

  1. PDF File (recommended)
  2. OpenOffice.org (sxw)
  3. Microsoft Word (doc)