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Streaming Video Servers

A streaming media or streaming video server is a specialized application which runs on an Internet server. This is often referred to as "true streaming", since other methods only simulate streaming. True streaming has advantages such as:

There are two ways to have access to a streaming server:

  1. Operate you own server (by purchasing or leasing)
  2. Sign up for a hosted streaming plan with an ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Operate your own server

Note: This is a serious step and is well beyond the needs of most websites.

To run your own streaming server, you can either purchase a standalone server machine or purchase a streaming server software package and install it on an existing web server. Streaming software is available for all common server platforms such as Linux, Windows, etc.

Some examples of streaming media software:

Sign up for a hosted streaming plan

In much the same way that you sign up for a website hosting plan, you can get yourself a hosting plan which specializes in streaming media. This is a far more realistic option for most people.

Some examples of hosted streaming media plans:

Be warned: True video streaming in any form can be an expensive business. Unless you really have a need for it, you are probably better off starting with basic HTTP streaming...

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