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Pluge Test Pattern

pluge pattern

PLUGE stands for Picture Line-Up Generation Equipment. A "pluge pattern" is a test pattern used to calibrate the black level on a video monitor. Black level basically refers to the brightness of the darkest areas in the picture (black is never completely black, it's just a very dark gray). Pluge patterns are usually generated by specialised video calibration equipment such as a synch pulse generator.

There are many types of pluge patterns but they all contain a variety of of black, white and/or gray shaded areas.

The example above includes three vertical bars and three shaded boxes. These areas are called pluge pulses. When the monitor is calibrated correctly:

  1. The first vertical bar (on the left) is black and can't be seen against the background
  2. The second vertical bar is only just visible as a dark gray.
  3. The third vertical bar is a lighter gray and clearly visible.
  4. The white box is a comfortable level of true white.
  5. There is no colour in the pluge display at all.