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Your Own Wedding Video Business

This page includes some tips on how to start your own wedding video business.

Reality Check

First of all you need to understand one thing: Weddings are not easy money! They can be good money, just not easy. Here are some things to be aware of:

Even if you have lots of skills and experience in video production, it is very important to start slowly and carefully when venturing into weddings. At the very least, do your first wedding for cheap or free to get a feel for it. It will probably take a number of weddings before you encounter all of the most common issues for wedding videographers.


Evaluate your competition. Find out how busy they are, how much they charge and what standard of work they produce.

Production Plan

Like all video production, good wedding videos rely on having a good plan. See our separate wedding video tutorial for information about how to plan and produce videos.


You need to have a price structure which provides maximum benefit. Our advice is to ignore the lower end of the market and only work for high-paying clients. Why do three $600 jobs when you could do one $1800 job? In fact you will probably find that doing budget jobs is uneconomical anyway.

Obviously you need to be good if you want to charge top dollar.


There are many ways to promote your business. You will probably need to spend money initially, but there is a good chance that word-of-mouth referrals will increase over time and allow you to reduce your advertising budget.

The best promotional tool you have is the standard of your work. If you make good wedding videos, you will find that people seek you out. Make sure you include your contact details on the end credits and DVD cover!


Quality = money. Produce the best possible weddings videos and charge whatever it takes to make a good profit (don't be greedy though—it will backfire). Wedding videography is a very quality-sensitive market and those who make the best videos make the most money.