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Dolby 3D System

Dolby 3-D

The Dolby 3D system was not the first 3D system to market but it managed to make huge gains fairly quickly once it became established. It is now widely used in the USA and around the world.

Projector: A filter wheel is installed inside the projector.
Screen: No special screen required.
Glasses: Color filter glasses. Relatively expensive, multi-use.
Website: www.dolby.com

The technology is based on "wavelength multiplex visualization", which involves filtering different wavelengths of light so there is a separate color image presented to each eye.

The glasses are passive filter glasses, meaning they are relatively simple and do not require batteries. They are also relatively expensive and are built for repeated use. They are less expensive than XpanD glasses however.

This system is relatively cheap for cinemas to install as it does not require a special silver screen—the existing 2D white screen will work.