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Adjusting the Transition Settings

Once you have applied a transition, you can adjust it in various ways.

In the timeline you can drag the edges of the transition left and right to adjust the start and end points. You can also drag the entire transition left and right. When you do this, the monitor window shows a split-screen indicating the transition start/end points like so:

Monitor Split Screen

When you select the transition in the timeline and open the Effect Controls window, you will see more control options. These options vary depending on the selected transition.

Effect Controls Window

Here are a few common transition settings...

Show Actual Sources

Only for the editor's reference, this shows the actual footage in the Effects Control window (instead of the letters A and B).


Plays the transition backward. For example, a wipe will play right to left instead of left to right.

Edge Selectors

Edge selectorsIf available, small arrows appear by the edges of the transition thumbnail in the Effect Controls window. Click an Edge selector to change the transition's direction or orientation.

Start and End Sliders

Changes the start and end state of the transition. For example, you can set the wipe to begin already in frame.

Border Width

If the transition can have a border (e.g. wipe), this sets the border width. The default is none.

Border Colour

If the transition can have a border, this sets the border colour.

Anti-Aliasing Quality

Adjusts the smoothness (anti-aliasing) of the transition's edges.

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