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Premiere Effects Window

Transitions in Adobe Premiere

This tutorial shows how to create transitions in Adobe Premiere. (Note: For general information about transitions, see Video Transitions.)

A transition is the way one shot changes to the next. By default, if two clips are placed next to each other in the timeline, the transition is a cut.

To make more interesting transitions such as dissolves, wipes and effects, use the transitions available in the Effects window (pictured right).

There are two types of transition: Video and audio. To apply a transition, expand the Video Transitions or Audio Transitions bin. Choose a transition to use.

Drag the desired transition to the timeline at the point where the two clips join, as illustrated below.


Timeline - Cut These two clips are placed next to each other in the timeline. Before a transition is applied, the transition is a cut.
Timeline - Placing a transition Drag a video transition onto the cut. The timeline will show where the transition will be placed.
Transition applied When you release the mouse, the transition is applied.

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