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How to Batch Rename Files

Batch renaming is a way to rename a large number of files in one simple step. Basically, you select a group of files (a batch) and tell your computer to rename them sequentially using rules you specify. The names typically consist of a description followed by incrementing numbers, e.g. holiday(1).jpg, holiday(2).jpg, etc.

The example below shows a group of files which have been batch-named to include a date, description and number. The files become part of a sequence with useful names which are easy to organise.

Batch Renamed Files

There are many ways to batch rename files, from the simple built-in Windows function to specialized batch rename tools and utilities. The instructions below provide some specific examples, but even if you don't use these methods they will still show you how it's done and what to expect.

Step by Step Instructions

If batch renaming is something you might want to do often, you could have a look at the free Bulk Rename Utility.