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Tag (Code) Name
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Example Description
Bold <b></b> Bold text.
Centre <center></center> Centre everything between these tags (note the American spelling).
Italics <i></i> Italic text.
Heading <h1> Page (content) Heading - 5 standard sizes.
Horizontal Rule <hr> Creates a horizontal line.
Hyperlink <a href=""> Clickable link between pages or other content.
Image <img src=""> Place an image on the page.
Paragraph <p></p> Beginning and end of a paragraph (puts a space between paragraphs).
Table <table> Create a table for data or page layout.
Title <title> The name of the page, used as a reference by other applications.
Break <br> Single line break.

HTML5 Tags

Audio <audio> Embad an audio player.
Video <video> Embed a video player.