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Lighting Equipment

Some common types of equipment used in video and photography lighting.

18% Gray Card A gray-coloured card which reflects 18% of the light which falls upon it. Used as a reference to calibrate light meters and set exposure. Gray Card
Ballast A device used to control the electrical current in a light.  
Consoles Hardware and software systems which control lighting. Operated by the lighting technician, consoles coordinate lighting displays on stages, studios, etc. Lighting Console
Light Meter A tool used to measure light and indicate the ideal exposure setting. Also known as an exposure meter. Light Meter
Reflector Board A specially-designed reflective surface used to act as a secondary light source. The board is lightweight and flexible, and is normally folded up for transport in a small carry-case. Reflector Board
Gels Materials which are placed in front of a light source to alter it's characteristics, e.g. colour temperature or dispersion (see diffusion gels).  
Spectrometer A professional-level instrument which measures the spectrum of light. Technically speaking, a spectrometer analyses the electromagnetic spectrum and measures the intensity of radiation as a function of wavelength.  
Stands & Clamps Systems used to support lights and hold them in the correct position. Light Stands