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Reflector Board

Reflector Board

Sometimes referred to as a "flecky board", this is a specially-designed reflective surface which is usually used to act as a secondary light source. It is particularly useful as a fill light when working in strong sunlight.

Reflector boards come in white, silver or gold surfaces. Many reflectors have a different type of surface on each side, giving you two lighting options. Gold surfaces provide a warmer look than silver or white.

If you don't have a reflector board you can improvise. Almost any suitably-sized object with a reflective surface will do. Some examples include:

How to Fold Up a Reflector Board

Reflector boards are lightweight and flexible, and are normally folded up for transport in a small carry-case. They can be tricky to fold up — if you've never done it you may want to read the instructions below and practice in private before having to do it in front of the whole crew!

Position your hands Hold the board with your left hand facing forward and your right facing backward. Move your left hand forward and down, while moving your right hand backwards and up.
Twist and fold Keep moving your hands in a smooth motion.
Done The board will end up folded in a compact circle. You can then return the board to its case.