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MonopodA monopod is a single-legged camera support — basically a tripod with only one leg. Obviously a monopod is not as stable as a tripod and it would not be the best choice for most situations. However monopods do have some advantages:

You can make a monopod from an old tripod, in fact this can be a good way to get more life out of a tripod which has a broken leg. You can also use a tripod as a monopod simply by only extending one leg (it's not quite the same but close enough).

How to Use a Monopod

The key to using a monopod is to use your own two legs together with the monopod to create a tripod. Rather than trying to hold the monopod perfectly vertical, place your legs slightly apart and lean the monopod towards you. Adjust the monopod head to give you the correct angle.


A bipod is a two-legged camera support — a compromise between a monopod and a tripod. Bipods are not commonly used in video production and commercial models are rare. You can create a bipod effect with a tripod by only extending two legs.

That's the end of this tripod tutorial. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in our video production forum.