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Adding Titles and Graphics

Edit Suite with Graphics Generator

Adding titles and other effects in linear editing normally requires specialized equipment. This can be anything from a cheap title maker to a professional graphics generator.

Adding a graphics generator to your edit suite is fairly straightforward - it goes between the source machine and the record machine. The graphics generator will create titles or graphics with either a solid or transparent background. This means that the video from the source machine can be visible below the superimposed graphics.

There are so many different types of graphics devices that it would be impractical to cover them all. Do a search for "video title generator" and see what you find.

If you don't have a graphics generator, there may be other options, for example, many cameras include a title feature. The creative enthusiast can also use their imagination to make a title out of whatever material is at hand and simply shoot it. However, serious graphics requires an investment in equipment.

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