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Imax 3D


Imax 3D was one of the earliest digital 3D formats for cinemas, in fact it was originally developed for analog film. Since then two digital systems have been used in Imax theatres: Active LCD shutter glasses and linear polarized filter glasses. As of 2010 the polarized filter system has become the Imax 3D standard.

Projector: 2 projectors with static polarizing filters.
Screen: Silver screen.
Glasses: Linear polarized filter. Inexpensive, semi-disposable.
Website: www.imax.com

Linear polarization has a significant disadvantage compared to circularized polarization used in other systems such as Dolby 3D and RealD; with linear polarization you lose the 3D effect if you tilt your head. You may even need to experiment to get the best position for normal viewing.

According to reports, the Imax 3D format is very good at "pop-out" effects where you feel you can reach out and touch objects. Although it has a wow-factor, this may not be as realistic as other formats and may be more tiring to watch.

Other reported complaints about Imax 3D include:

Imax does have the advantage of working well on very large screens.