Windows Media ASX Files

An ASX file (Advanced Stream Redirector) is a special type of file which works closely with Windows Media ASF files.

The purpose of an ASX file is to start the ASF file streaming.

To Create an ASX File

To create an ASX metafile, open a text editor such as Notepad and enter the following text (substituting your own ASF file name for "videofilename.asf"):

<ASX version="3">
<ref href="videofilename.asf" />

Save the ASX file in the same directory as the ASF file. Use the same name as the ASF file, but with a ".asx" extension (e.g. "videofilename.asx").

Click (or double-click) the ASX file to test it. Your media player should open and play the media file.

To Create a Hyperlink to the ASX File

Add a simple link to your web page that points to the ASX file like so:

<a href="videofilename.asx">Click here to play video</a>

When you click this link your player will open and begin playing the ASF file. The text file is transparent in this process — as far as the user is concerned this link just starts the video stream.

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