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Video and television camerasJVC DV29 | JVC DV500 | Sony 537 Betacam | Hitachi Z-One-D | Panasonic MS4

VT Machines

Sony BetaSPSony Beta SP | Panasonic DVCPro | Sony U-matic

Edit Suites

Edit suitesBasic edit systems | DVCPro booth | Home Digital Edit Suite

OB (Outside Broadcast) Operations

OB control room (forward) OB control room  Forward view of a mobile television control room. There are three stations pictured (from right to left): The director, the vision controller and a VT (video tape) operator.

Calibration Charts

Greyscale chartGrayscale

Greyscale chartBack-Focus

Test Patterns

NTSC bars with pluge patternVideo Test Patterns

Camera Shots

mcuBasic camera shots  Our interpretation of the standard shot types.