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Streaming Video Files with MPEG-4

MPEG-4 has had an interesting history since its development in the late 1990s. Initially development was supported my many companies including Apple and Microsoft, but Microsoft has since abandoned active support. Apple Quicktime continues to support MPEG-4, as do other companies such as DIV-X External Link.

MPEG-4 is a very good quality standard with low file sizes.

The MPEG-4 standard is relatively complicated and can be confusing. There are many variations of the format, some are ISO-compliant and some aren't. Quicktime, for example, deals with both ISO-compliant .mp4 files and non-compliant .mov files. Some MPEG-4 files play in any player, others will only work in certain players.

Numerous applications are available to create MPEG-4, the best-known being Apple Quicktime Pro External Link.

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