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Streaming Video Files with Quicktime

Quicktime (www.apple.com/quicktime External Link) is a well-respected format which has been around since the beginning of digital video production. In many ways Quicktime is more complicated than Windows Media or Real Media, but for most producers the complexities don't actually matter. The average web designer only really needs to know how to deal with Quicktime's .mov (movie) files.

If you are keen to explore Quicktime's advanced features, you'll find that you can create interactive video, panoramas, virtual reality settings and more.

Some producers swear that Quicktime is the king of video formats, others just can't seem to be able to make it work. Our opinion is somewhere in between. It is certainly a good format with many unique features. Getting good quality video can be a challenge however — we find that default settings are rarely good enough and experimentation is essential.

One nice thing about Quicktime is its integration with other products. It is widely supported by many editing, authoring and general interest applications.

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