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Streaming Video with RealMedia

Real Media (www.real.com External Link) has an illustrious history and was one of the first serious streaming video solutions. In the early days it was widely considered to be the best streaming format. It is still a good format but it has lost a lot of ground in the format wars.

Real Media video images tend to be slightly less sharp than other formats — this can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. Moving images are handled reasonably well but the finer detail can be easily lost. Overall image quality is perfectly adequate for most applications.

One big disadvantage is the difficulty in downloading the free Real Media Player. Real Media has struggled to maintain a viable commercial business model and they strongly encourage you to buy the full version. This has led many people to become disillusioned with the format and its reputation has not held up well over recent years. Of all the common formats, Real Media looks like the one which is struggling the most.

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