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i.LINK: AKA i.Link or IEEE 1394, Sony's brand name for Firewire. A type of connection used to connect audio/video equipment and computers.
Impedance: A term in electronics which measures the amount of opposition a device has to an AC current (such as an audio signal). Technically speaking, it is the combined effect of capacitance, inductance, and resistance on a signal. More info: Microphone Impedance
Indeo: A digital video compression format.
Infra-red: Frequencies beyond the red end of the visible spectrum, i.e. frequencies with longer wavelengths than red light. Perceived by humans as heat. Commonly used for remote-control devices.
Infotainment: Television programming which blends information and entertainment. More info: Infotainment
In-point: The beginning point of an edit.
Interface: The point of contact between a tool and it's operator. A human/computer interface could be a keyboard or a mouse.
Interlace: The method of dividing a video frame into two fields; one made up of the odd-numbered horizontal lines, the other made up of even-numbered lines.
Internet: If you don't know what the Internet is, you're in trouble. Related info: Internet tutorials
Intranet: A "closed-circuit internet". A local network of computers linked in much the same way as the wider internet.
Iris: The circular opening (aperture) which controls the amount of light passing through to the camera's sensing element or film. More info: Video camera iris